21 May — 5 June 2016
S Hverfandi Menning – Djúpið ens

Vanishing Culture – West Fjords

Photographs by Þorvaldur Örn Kristmundsson

Reykjavík Museum of Photography
May 21 16:00 opening
May 21 — September 11 2016

Monday–Thursday 12 AM–7 PM
Friday 12 AM–6 PM
Weekends 1–5 PM


Our cultural heritage is forever changing and shifting.In order to preserve rapidly vanishing ways of life, it is important to capture an image instead of leavinga blank page for future generations. This project depicts life in one of the oldest farming communities in Iceland, in the isolated, unspoiled and spectacular West fjords where hardship and harsh conditions have marked daily life since the time of the first settlers.
In Iceland, as elsewhere, young people head to larger towns and cities in search of opportunities. The trend seen in this remote farming community close to the Arctic Circle is also a global one; heritage and traditions die out when there is no-one to take over the family farm.
This exhibition consists of black & white photographs, deiciting the stories of the farmers and their surroundings, during a time of unprecedented transformation.