21 May — 5 June 2016
V CalmusWaves ens


A dance piece created in real time

Reykjavik City Theatre
May 26 21:00

Price: 2.900 ISK.

CalmusWaves is a dance piece to a new composition created in real-time by composers, dancers and instrumentalists, using CalmusComposer.
Selected composers and a choreographer will construct
a frame, similar to an improvisational frame, for the dancers to work within. The dancers wear motion sensors that communicate with CALMUS, which uses the information from the sensors to construct a new composition in real- time. The instrumentalists perform the music that appears on iPads in the form of graphical notation via wireless connection between the iPads and CALMUS. As well as controlling the compositional process, the movements of the dancers will affect the visual aspect of the piece by controlling visual effects and lights.
CalmusWaves is performed in different movements that draw inspiration from all wave-like motions; large and small and in every medium; water, air and the void that surrounds them. Waves are soundwaves, dance movements or motions that create the piece with regards to speed, density or frequency.
CalmusComposer is a software that empowers people, with the help of artificial intelligence and conventional compositional techniques, to create music in real-time.
The project is performed in about 45 minutes. The staging of CalmusWaves is presented in collaboration with the Reykjavík City Theatre.
Dancer: Noora Hannula
Dancer: Julie Rasmussen
Dancer: Elin Signý Weywadt Ragnarsdottir
Choreographer and dancer: Kasper Ravnhøj
Assistant choreographer: Vedís Kjartansdóttir
Stockholm Saxophone Quartett
Piano: Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir
Composer: Kjartan Ólafsson