21 May — 5 June 2016
V UR_ ens


Chamber opera in one act & VII parts

Harpa, Norðurljós
June 4 20:00

Price: 5.500 ISK.

The Icelandic premiere of composer Anna Þorvalds- dóttir’s first opera, directed by Þorleifur Örn Arnarsson.
The observer is invited to embark on a reflective journey through an ambivalent narrative in sound and space, drawing on the theme of an evolutionary genesis in seven parts. Þorvaldsdóttir’s meditative, sensual and melodic
lines interwoven with strained, fragile brokenness, come together in a passion that is driven forward by yearning,
a feeling of being overwhelmed, the craving for truth and the flickering hope of restoring equilibrium. Director Þorleifur Örn Arnarsson takes the metaphor of a relentlessly searching mankind quite literally. He lets the sensual-abstract imagery of the music and narrative guide the performers toward an organic, flowing symbiosis of the senses.
UR_ is the result of a two-year development process which took place in Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Germany under the direction of Far North, in collaboration with
the Reykjavík Arts Festival, Theater Trier, Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, The Norwegian National Opera and The National Theatre of Greenland.
The staging of UR_ in Iceland is a collaboration between the Reykjavík Arts Festival and the Icelandic Opera.
Music: Anna Þorvaldsdóttir

Text: Anna Þorvaldsdóttir & Mette Karlsvik
Director: Þorleifur Örn Arnarsson
Scenography & costumes: Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir
Producer & Artistic director Far North: Arnbjörg María Danielsen
Conductor: Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason
Performers: Joa Helgeson, Melis Jaatinen, Sofia Jernberg, Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir, Miké Phillip Fencker Thomsen, Örnólfur Eldon og CAPUT tónlistarhópur.
Director: Sebastian Reckert
Technical director: Florian Semmet