21 May — 5 June 2016
Sími látins manns

Dead Man's Cell Phone

by Sarah Ruhl

May 23 20:30 Premier May 24 20:30 June 3 20:30 June 4 20:30

Price: 4.400 ISK.



Nina, who is sitting at a café, decides to answer a stranger’s cell phone, which is ringing relentlessly on the next table. That triggers a course of events which has unforseen consequences. This is the first time that the work of playwriter Sarah Ruhl is produced in Iceland.
Dead Man’s Cell Phone explores loneliness, the yearning for intimacy and the paradox of modern technology. Cell phones and comparable equipment, with its limitless flow of information and countless ways of connections, can work as a weapon of mass destruction on human relations and leave nothing but a repressive vacuum.
Sarah Ruhl is an American playwright who is a two-time Pulitzer prize finalist and a Tony award nominee. Her plays, which have been widely produced, include The Oldest Boy, In the Next Room, The Clean House, Passion Play, Melancholy Play; Eurydice; Orlando, Late: a Cowboy Song, Dear Elizabeth and Stage Kiss.
Director: Charlotte Bøving
Actors: María Dalberg, Kolbeinn Arnbjörnsson, Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir & Halldóra Rut Baldursdóttir
Translation: Ingólfur Eiríksson & Matthías Tryggvi Haraldsson
Music: Ragnhildur Gísladóttir
Décor & Costumes: Fanney Sizemore
Lighting: Arnar Ingvarsson
Make-up: Steinunn Þórðardóttir
Technician: Kristinn Ágústsson