21 May — 5 June 2016
V Phoenix ens

Phoenix Reykjavik Edition

by Wunderland

Snarfarahöfn, Elliðavogi
May 22 — June 5 2016 14:30 — 16:30

Price: 2.500 ISK.


Everyday except Mondays and Tuesdays


Phoenix invites you on your own personal adventure! A sensory journey at the harbor through forgotten buildings – we invite you into the crevices of what you are, what you remember and what you fear and dream of. 
You get a personal time for when you have to show up at an address by the harbor. You pick up the scent of rope and boats. The door squeaks when you open it. You peep inside. You hear the sound of a fireplace. The floor is covered with thick layers of ashes. Someone comes towards you and bids you inside. 
You are about to embark on a sensuous walk mixing installation, soundscape, interactive technology, lyrics and performance. You will go through the experience all on your own, guided by performers and a GPS sound system, all while you follow the scent of delicate tracks leading you to unexplored places. The scent of wooden ships, forgotten dreams of vanilla and your childhood’s dusty corners, the shadow of a face, which resembles your own. 
Back in 2014, Phoenix, which hails from Aarhus, received an award from The Arts Foundation’s scholarship commission. Nine international artists develop the performance with background in different art forms.