21 May — 5 June 2016
V Persona ens


Icelandic Dance Company

Reykjavik City Theatre
May 22 20:00 a special finisage performance with artist talk and champagne

Price: 4.900 ISK.

Persona is a unique and intimate evening of dance, staging the works of three Icelandic choreographers. In Persona the audience will experience the outcome of two different creative processes in a performance where the dancer as an artist is in the forefront.
Neon by Hannes Þór Egilsson

During the creative process, all movements were choreo- graphed in the IDC studio in the presence of the IDC dancers. Guided by his own experience as a dancer, Hannes empha- sizes the importance of being aware of every single moment while dancing. With this he strives to make the dancer’s intent more visible and lend it a stronger focus, thus making every detail impressive.
What a feeling by Halla Ólafsdóttir and
 Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir

In their continuous search for new approaches when creating dance, Halla and Lovísa use the conventional
as a medium for expressing the exceptional. They are interested in collaboration and want to focus on the dancer as an individual. Working closely with the IDC dancers they have designed a personal favourite solo for each dancer, based on their inner desires, aspirations and history.
Dancers: Aðalheiður Halldórsdóttir, Cameron Corbett, Einar Anton Aas Nikkerud, Halla Þórðardóttir, Hjördís Lilja Örnólfsdóttir og Þyri Huld Árnadóttir
Choreographer (Neon): Hannes Þór Egilsson
Idea and authors (What a Feeling): Halla Ólafsdóttir and Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir
Co-authors (What a Feeling): Dancers of The Icelandic Dance Company
Costumes (Neon): Þyri Huld Árnadóttir
Stylist (What a Feeling): Elsa Blöndal