21 May — 5 June 2016
V FlexN ens


Street dance from Brooklyn and Manchester

Brim, Geirsgata 11
May 21 20:00

Price: 5.500 ISK.

The opening stage performance of the Reykjavík Arts Festival is in the hands of fifteen FlexN dancers from Brooklyn and Manchester who will come together in Reykjavík to show moves never before seen in Iceland.
The roots of FlexN lie in different styles of street dance – pausing, gliding, hat tricks, connecting, bone breaking and get low. Stemming from bruk-up, a dance form originating in Jamaica and emerging on the streets of Brooklyn in the 1990s, FlexN is a reference to how dancers can transform their bodies into a visual stimuli of cinematic-like movement.
Last year, the FlexN dancers of Brooklyn led by FlexN pioneer Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray, took part in the Manchester International Festival (MIF), collaborating with British dancers to showcase their skills and tell their stories through their own unique dance styles.
The result was a run of sell-out performances mixing
the most interesting features of street dance on both sides of the Atlantic.
The dancers’ ability to communicate the narratives
of their lives and their stories through the curves, bends and movements of their bodies, in a seemingly effortless way, ensures that the audience will be captivated from the very first step.
Commissioned and produced by the Manchester International Festival.
Director and choreographer: Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray
Andre ‘Dre Don’ Redman
Bailey ‘b­Luxx’ Thaw
Banks Artiste
Calvin ‘Cal’ Hunt
Dale ‘Goodsoul’ Coleridge
Derick ‘Slicc’ Murreld
Franklin ‘Ace’ Dawes
Glendon ‘Tyme’ Charles
Jack ‘Bain’
Jason ‘Earthquake’ Cust
Paola Nyembo ‘Phlo’
Samuel ‘Sam I Am’ Estavien
Sean Douglas aka Brixx
Shelby ‘Shellz’ Felton
Thomas ‘Melanie’ Malone